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Kim Weisswange Perfume Academy

Berufswunsch Parfümeur:in 

Lassen Sie sich in unserer Parfüm Akademie, von der

Parfümeurin Kim Weisswange, zur Parfümeur:in ausbilden.

Kim Weisswange

Perfumers of tomorrow

Kim Weisswange shares with you her vast knowledge and passes on to you what she has acquired in her over 35 years of work as a perfumer.

Get to know the natural and synthetic fragrance essences from which perfumes can be developed in compliance with all legal regulations and regulations.

Under the guidance of Kim Weisswange, they begin to compose their own perfumes.

The teaching material at the Kim Weisswange Perfume Academy includes, among other things:


  • History of perfume production

  • Perfumes of the future: with or without AI

  • Extraction and production of fragrances

  • the chemical composition of fragrance essences

  • Raw material costs and the purchase of essences

  • daily smell training

  • Development of perfume recipes

  • Professional production of perfumes

  • Use of scents in cosmetics

  • Testing the compatibility of the fragrances on the skin

  • the correct declaration of the ingredients 



A great interest in perfumes, fashion, design and art, as well as creativity, innovative ideas, a good eye for aesthetics, conceptual thinking and, above all, a very good olfactory memory are important prerequisites for your future professional life as a perfumer

The general requirement is a secondary school leaving certificate and you should be of legal age. People switching from other professions are also welcome.


The number of participants is strictly limited and limited to a maximum of 10 people per year. 

The application includes a personal interview with Kim Weisswange in Hamburg. We learn more about you, your professional ideas and goals and answer all of themle Questions about training to become a perfumer and the associated costs. 

You can apply simply and without obligation by email. We will then invite you to a conversation. 

Address your email to the following address: 

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