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Kim Weisswange


Experience seminars led by star perfumer Kim Weisswange

Fine fragrances have always been the epitome of luxury. But hardly anyone knows how perfumes are created and manufactured, what they are made of or which fragrance concepts have emerged throughout history. We are closing this gap.

Our experience seminars for groups of 5 people or more take participants into the fascinating world of scents - from prehistoric times to the present.

You now have the opportunity to join an illustrious circle of fragrance connoisseurs and those who want to become one and to experience a top-class seminar with us.


Get to know the manufacturing processes of perfume, the most expensive fragrance essences in the world and one or two secrets about the world of fragrances.


The fragrance seminar experience takes place in an exclusive location in the middle of Hamburg. Take advantage of this outstanding idea and sign up.

Before booking our perfume seminars, you will receive a written offer in advance.

You writePlease send your request to:

The course of the three-hour perfume seminar at a glance:

1. Warm up:

Cocktail reception (e.g. lavender liqueur with champagne or non-alcoholic variants) 

2. Thematic block I:

Experience lecture: Origin and history of perfume from prehistoric times to the present.

3. Break with culinary delicacies from the aroma kitchen 

4. Thematic block II:

Lecture: How natural fragrance essences work on the body, mind and soul and which complaints can be alleviated in a gentle way. The participants smell the different essences and learn about their respective uses. Which perfume suits me? Love goes through the nose. Seductive and sensual scents.


5. Thematic block III:

Creation of a scent. Kim Weisswange creates a perfume dedicated to the event. All participants will receive a bottle of the fragrance at the end of the seminar (Eau de Parfum, 50 ml) and a scent travel certificate as a guest gift – as a lasting memory of an unforgettable feast for the senses.

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