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Everyone who is interested in perfume should know Kim Weisswange. And even those who don't immediately recognize their name have certainly used one of their fragrances at some point.

Kim Weisswange is one of the leading fragrance creators in the world.  She has been successfully producing perfume and natural cosmetics series for well-known national and international companies for over 30 years. She created numerous international bestsellers in the fragrance and care market.


Kim Weisswange's perfume project "The Scent Of Time" received the Clio Award in New York. The Clio Award is considered the "Oscar" of the advertising industry. 


Kim Weisswange also became famous for her individual fragrances. She describes these UNIQUE PARFUMES as the haute couture of fragrances. The customer list of their UNIQUE PERFUMES reads like a “Who's Who” of internationally renowned celebrities. In her laboratory, Kim Weisswange transforms precious fragrance essences into individual perfumes. Tailor-made fragrances that, like an aura, are specially adapted to the personality of the wearer. 


Kim Weisswange Holding GmbH, under the leadership of Kim Weisswange, designs individual and unusual fragrance projects, develops new trends and creates unique fragrance compositions for you.

When developing fragrances, Kim Weisswange's core competence lies in the creation of innovative and independent new creations. This sets us apart from many of our competitors, who often offer plagiarism and modifications of existing successful fragrances for fleeting market success.


A fragrance is developed in close cooperation with you. Above all, natural fragrance essences are used, which give the perfumes a particularly high quality.

Our scented waters not only meet the highest olfactory standards, but also protect nature and the environment.


We not only create fragrances, but also design the bottles, closures and packaging for you if you wish. Here, too, the most unusual customer requests are met.


In the end, a total work of art is created from the finest fragrances; Metal, glass or crystal of the highest quality; in an unmistakable shape and with a protected recipe.



Our full service – everything from a single source – has proven itself to our customers. We coordinate product development, design, formulation and production from A to Z for your own brands and trade brands.

Our service offers your company fast, uncomplicated handling and thus reduces your workload until your product is ready.


You can take advantage of our full service or an individually tailored service package.



From the idea to the market-ready product:

  • business consulting

  • market research

  • product development

  • formulation development

  • packaging design

  • Design of advertising material 


We offer you:

  • very good purchase prices

  • optimal trading margins

  • an extensive service package

  • fast and flexible way of working

  • short delivery time

  • highest product quality and durability 

  • very good skin tolerance

  • innovative and consumer-oriented products 

  • Environmentally friendly and energy-saving production

  • Recyclable bottles, closures and outer packaging

  • Manufacture according to GMP guidelines

  • Made in Germany 

kim weisswange perfumes

Contact Kim Weisswanges Agent:

Agnes Wehr

Phone: +49 40 60731424


Agnes Wehr
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