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The master perfumer Kim Weisswange has been creating individual, bespoke perfumes for over 35 years that are specifically tailored to the wishes and needs of her customers - made-to-measure fragrances.

Kim Weisswange became famous for her individual fragrances. She describes her UNIQUE PERFUMES as the haute couture of fragrances. 


In her laboratory, Kim Weisswange transforms precious fragrance essences into individual, bespoke perfumes that are tailored specifically to the personality of her customers - like an aura. 


UNIQUE PERFUMES underline the personality and emphasize the charisma of the wearer in a unique way.

Kim Weisswange: “Nothing is worse than a fragrance that doesn’t harmonize with its wearer, because a perfume is a kind of business card.” 


The creation of a perfume is based on numerous personal details in the UNIQUE PERFUME questionnaire specially developed by Kim Weisswange.


In order to create a UNIQUE PERFUME that is specifically made-to-measure to your personality, we need information about you and your fragrance preferences. Of course, the information will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be passed on to third parties.


Take enough time when filling out the UNIQUE PERFUME questionnaire, because each perfume is unique and is individually put together for you from a large range of precious fragrances. No animal fragrances are used in the UNIQUE PERFUME. Every perfume recipe is documented and saved so that you can reorder your UNIQUE PERFUME at any time. 


Natural fragrance essences can be much more expensive than gold, you will receive a detailed estimate before creating your bespoke perfume. The minimum price of a UNIQUE PERFUMES is €650. The most expensive perfume ever made by Kim Weisswange, bottled in a flacon decorated with gold and diamonds, was worth over €250,000.

Embark on a sensual journey into the realm of aromatic essences with your UNIQUE PERFUME and immerse yourself in the world of scents. 

The steps to your individual perfume created by Kim Weisswange:

Fragrance concentration: Eau de Parfum · Flacon contents: 100 ml

Includes personalized label, box and fragrance certificate.

As a customer gift you will receive a small travel bottle of your personal fragrance.


  1. Contact us and receive our UNIQUE PERFUME questionnaire by post or email.

  2. Send the completed questionnaire back to us.

  3. Based on your information, you will receive a binding offer on the costs of producing your bespoke perfume.

  4. After you place your order and we receive your payment, your UNIQUE PERFUME will be created.

  5. The finished UNIQUE PERFUME will be delivered to you.


white cheek


Bespoke wedding and couple fragrances

All eyes are on you as you enter the room. Silent admiration can be seen in the eyes of the wedding guests. The music sounds and you slowly begin to walk towards the altar. Nobody sees your silent companion, but it is there: your wedding perfume. A perfume that will forever remind both you and your guests of the most beautiful day of your life.


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